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The Modern-Witch Milestones Program

If you're not moving forward in this life, you're moving backward; There is no such thing as standing still!  One of the most important components of a satisfied life is deciding upon and pursuing goals.  Notice that reaching goals was not included in that statement -- and for a very good reason.  We are happiest in the moments leading up to an event.  Think of your own childhood and the feeling of excitement and anticipation you felt on the night before a holiday or birthday.  You were probably so wound up you had trouble getting to sleep.  When the day arrives you may have presents and sweets and lots of fun, but it is now... after the event.  The presents are wonderful to be sure, but the anticipation of those presents is somehow better than the feeling after they're unwrapped.

As we become adults, we may try to set aside this sort of feeling as being childish.  Unfortunately, we are actually setting aside the joy of anticipation that can make our lives perpetually exciting. The difference between satisfied happy people and unsatisfied, melancholy folks is very often one thing: GOALS.   Exercising our free will by choosing and pursuing our next accomplishment gives us a wonderful sense of joy and excitement.

In the spirit of this wonderful sense of personal growth and accomplishment, we here at Modern-Witch are putting together some really fun ideas for goals to inspire you.  In a few days, we'll be adding little How-To guides for all sorts of exciting personal achievements.  You'll be able to sign up and follow a set of goals to help you reach your dream.  Other members who are also working on the same goals will be there to chat with and share experiences and encouragement.  When you eventually reach your mileston, just fill out a quick form or contact the Milestone Committee and we'll add a badge of achievement to your profile to help celebrate your victory.  We'll also give you a chance to tell your story so others who follow you can benefit from your experience and advice.

Purify Your Body: Hydrate!

In the first step on the path to personal growth and power, you will begin to understand the value and importance of water.  It is one of the Five Energies and has a powerful influence on your body, mind and spirit.  If you're not getting enough water, you are dehydrated and far from your optimum potential.  This simple lifestyle change gives amazing, powerful results!

Purify Your Body: Recharge!

The next step on the path to personal growth and power, you will begin to understand the value and importance of proper rest.  Sleep is your body's way to repair, recharge and sort out the tangled stress of everyday life.  Making sure you have a full eight hours every day will awaken your senses and bring your magical gifts to their maximum potential!

Purify Your Body: Break Free!

Our fast-paced world has convinced us that we require artificial stimulants to get energized and chemical depressants to help us sleep, plus a host of other poisons that we ingest because we are convinced they "taste good."  We can never realize our full power or potential if we remain enslaved by these toxins.

More to Come!

Our Milestone Committee is working hard to create a rich array of Milestone programs for you, but has concluded that none of the advanced goals can be truly fulfilled if some the basic foundation Milestones are not in place first.  Those who have completed the basic items that will be listed on this page, may then move on to more challenging steps in personal and spiritual development.

Milestones On Your Refrigerator

All members who receive a digital badge of achievement will have an opportunity to get that same badge from our  web store as a magnetic button.  Having a tangible token of your achievement allows you to proudly display it at home -- right on your refrigerator door if you like!

Meanwhile, if YOU have an idea of what sort of goals you'd like to see listed, please let us know by clicking HERE.

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