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Purify Your Body: Break Free!

Our body is the temple of the Goddess, but we often forget our responsibility to keep this temple in optimum condition.  Very often, our success at developing our personal power is hindered by poisons that we ingest or our neglect to provide necessary fuel.  This achievement milestone is a prerequisite to many more that will follow.  We recommend that all MW members complete this proficiency first.

Eliminate all artificial stimulants, depressants, recreational and non-prescription drugs

Sorry coffee lovers, this means you too.  The good news is that if you have already completed your Recharge! Milestone, your body already has so much energy that you won't need a jolt of caffeine and sugar to wake up in the morning any more.  

Drugs and chemicals cause all manner of stress to the body resulting in headaches, ulcers, bad skin, bowel problems, anxiety and depression.  What you think may be an innocent cuppa joe or a quick smoke is a gigantic obstacle in your spiritual and metaphysical journy.  If you want to maximize your power, you need to break free of all of these leeches that are draining you of your energy and health.  

Smokers, you already know that stuff is poisonous and carcinogenic.  If you're serious about transforming your life and claiming the power you deserve, you've got to break free from addictions.  Try not to focus on life without tobacco, and instead focus on that one cigarette.  Once the hour has passed, that hour's cigarette will never get smoked. 

Quitting any old habit is challenging, but totally do-able; Lot's of people quit worse habits than yours every day.  We recommend this free guide to quitting cold turkey for those of you who wish to give up smoking.  (The same principles apply to other vices like coffee and sugar too)

If you are addicted to alcohol and need help, call Alcoholics Anonymous at (212) 870-3400 or visit their web site:

If you have a substance abuse problem in addition to, or other than alcohol, we recommend that you get assistance from a facility that is specially prepared to help you. has a lot of great information and resources to help you.  If you live in the United States, you can find a drug treatment program near you by using the tools at the SAMHSA web site:


To earn your accreditation for this milestone, start by describing your intentions with a short letter to the milestone committee at: 

Next, you must maintain this regimen for one full moon cycle (approximately 28 days) after which, you need to contact the committee once more to let them know you have finished the first phase.  After a brief interview, you will earn your badge and it will be displayed in your public profile.

Advanced Milestone Credit

If you are still maintaining these qualifications six months after beginning this badge, your badge will change into an Advanced Milestone in your profile.  Determination of this advanced qualification is at the sole discretion of the Milestone committee.

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