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Purify Your Body: Hydrate!

Our body is the temple of the Goddess, but we often forget our responsibility to keep this temple in optimum condition.  Very often, our success at developing our personal power is hindered by poisons that we ingest or our neglect to provide necessary fuel.  This achievement milestone is a prerequisite to many more that will follow.  We recommend that all MW members complete this proficiency first.

Commit to drinking at least eight glasses of water, every day

Our bodies are composed of more than 90% water and we need to keep those levels topped off for optimum health and energy.  We all should be consuming at least 64 fluid ounces (that's eight, 8oz glasses)  of water each day.  Note that this means water, not soda or tea or coffee.  

Water is brings life, healing and cleansing.  It flushes out toxins and waste and is necessary for proper elimination.  If you're trying to lose weight, one easy diet change is drinking LOTS of water. Try drinking between bites as you eat and you will feel "full" sooner, so you'll tend to eat less too.  Most important, water keeps things moving OUT in the other direction!

We recommend that you use the pocket-counter method to make sure you get all eight glasses each day.  To do this, you'll need a calendar you can write on and eight small objects (beads, buttons, coins, etc.).  When you get dressed in the morning, place all eight objects into your left pocket.   During the day, after you finish drinking each glass of water, transfer one object from your left pocket into your right pocket.   At the end of the day, take a count of your right pocket's contents and record your success on the calendar.


To earn your accreditation for this milestone, start by describing your intentions with a short letter to the milestone committee at: 

Next, you must maintain this regimen for one full moon cycle (approximately 28 days) after which, you need to contact the committee once more to let them know you have finished the first phase.  After a brief interview, you will earn your badge and it will be displayed in your public profile.

Advanced Milestone Credit

If you are still maintaining these qualifications six months after beginning this badge, your badge will change into an Advanced Milestone in your profile.  Determination of this advanced qualification is at the sole discretion of the Milestone committee.

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