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If you're like the rest of us, you've probably got a collection of great books that you've already read sitting on a dusty shelf or in a box somewhere.  What if you could trade some of your old books for some other  books that you really want?  The  Free Book Exchange does exactly that - for FREE!

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Here's How It Works
Start by gathering up a pile of books you no longer need, and listing them here on the Free Book Exchange.  After entering your first five (5) books, you'll earn one, special "starter point." 

You can use your starter point right away to get a free book from another member, but you can't get another book until somebody requests one of your books and you indicate that you've mailed it.

From that time forward, you will receive one point for every book that you mail to another member. Each point you earn allows you to get a different book from somebody else. 

Once you receive a book, you can choose to keep it forever, or perhaps to re-list it for somebody else to enjoy and keep the process going.

This Book Exchange is FREE! 
There is no cost to join, to list your books or to search for books you want.  Even receiving books is  free. The only cost is one-way postage to send your books to other members.   If you're already a member, just sign-in to get started.  If you haven't signed up for membership, click here to join today!

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