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How To Wrap a Book for Shipping

After you have printed out out your Free Book Exchange Mailing label and one extra blank sheet of paper, just follow the next five steps to wrap your book.

  Step 1 - Place book on top of BLANK
  sheet of paper as shown in this

  Step 2 - fold edges of blank sheet of
  paper around the long edges of the

  Step 3 - Place the PRINTED LABEL sheet
  the opposite way on top of the book, as
  show in the illustration, and begin to fold
  the edges around.

  Step 4 - Flip the book over and continue
  to wrap the printed label sheet around the
  book.  Place tape in the yellow highlighted
  areas highlighted in the illustration.

Step 5 - fold the paper around each open
end of the book into flaps in the same
manner you would a present.  Place tape
over the flaps to hold them in place.

Repeat this process for both open ends.

Use whatever extra tape you may need to securely finish the packing.  Be sure there are no loose edges of paper that may get snagged and torn during shipping.  When in doubt, use more tape.

Please Note:  If your book doesn't lend itself to this 2-sheets method, just cut out the mailing address with scissors and use an appropriate envelope instead.

That's it!  Now just take the package down to your local Post Office to have it weighed and get proper postage applied.  A typical book will cost about $2.57 to ship by Media Mail.  If it is a larger, heavier book, it may cost as much as $4.00.   If you postage exceeds these amounts, chances are that you are being quoted something other than MEDIA MAIL.

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