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Dream Sight, by Dr. Michael Lennox

If you want to get more out of your dream experiences, an interpretation guide will help. Figuring out what your dreams mean is not a straightforward process. Your dream life takes place in a different reality with different “rules.” You do things you would never do in your waking life, and impossible things happen. Some dreams are like a game: you get killed, but then you can just start a new game. In other dreams, time and space are rearranged. You find yourself young again and living in the house you grew up in, or all of your homes converge into one symbolic “home.” You can fly, breathe underwater, or fall down a hole and emerge into a completely different world. You may meet exalted spiritual figures, and receive their teaching and blessing.

Other dreams are frightening and disturbing. You do things that you would consider unethical in life. You experience terror and humiliation. What do they mean? How can you have more of the dreams you enjoy, and fewer nightmares?

Psychologist Dr. Michael Lennox has written an engaging and easy-to-understand new guide to dreams. He begins with his own experience learning to interpret dreams in the Jungian tradition. This leads into an encyclopedic reference to dream symbols. The difference between this and other dream guides is the multi-level approach. He explains how much weight to give to general symbolic meanings, and how to work in your context and personal associations with each dream symbol.

Importantly, he gives reassurance concerning dreams with disturbing content. Dream events you would not choose while awake may surprise and distress you, but in most cases you can relax; these are not premonitions or reflections on your goodness or normalcy.

Keeping a dream journal will not only keep your memories clear, but also help you remember more of your dreams, as you anticipate recording them in your journal. Creative people, fiction writers in particular, will appreciate the clarity of Dr. Lennox’s explanations of dream figures and events and how the more common ones appear throughout the stories in our culture.

Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting Any Dream by Dr. Michael Lennox © 2011 Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd. Used by permission.

—Review by @Luna_Silverleaf

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