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Hatch an "Earth Egg" for Ostara

— by @Luna_Silverleaf

The egg is the perfect symbol of springtime, when new life and growth appear everywhere. A bird’s egg contains all the food energy a chick needs to develop. If you prefer to let the birds keep their eggs, you can use an egg-like geological formation in your Ostara rite.

The earth our mother produces her own “eggs,” known by various contents and names, but all have the quality of layers surrounding an ovoid center. The most spectacular is the thunder egg, which may have a solid center of semi-precious stone: agate, jasper, or opal. The thunder egg is named for the Pacific Northwest native legend concerning thunder spirits who threw these rocks at one another in anger. A thunder egg may or may not qualify as a geode, which contains one or more hollow cavities.

A geode may form around a rock cavity or lava bubble. Sealed off, it absorbs chemicals from groundwater that form crystals at its core.

A geode’s crystals were formed in darkness in the distant past. When you break open a geode, you know you are the first creature to see the crystals sparkle. It is said the breaking open of a geode releases creative or healing energy. 

How to break a geode

You can buy geodes online in small batches. They are about the size of a golf ball. It’s good to get more than one, in case one breaks while you are preparing it. Before you break your geode(s) you might like to carry them around with you for awhile, to begin the energy exchange and inform it of your wishes and desires.

To prepare a geode for breaking, you cut a groove around its middle. Wear safety glasses, and do the work in a shop, outdoors, or in some other place where flying rock chips will not cause a problem. Put the geode in a vise. To cut the groove, you can use a hammer and chisel …

… or a hacksaw.

Allow 30 minutes to cut a good groove all the way around.

Your geode may break while you are cutting the groove. If this happens, sit down with it and reverence the crystals.

For the rite, you might like to protect your altar with a cutting board (not one used for food—you don’t want grit to turn up in your salad!). If your altar is not sturdy enough to withstand hammering, you can break your geode against a flat rock on the ground.

Use the tools that feel right for your ceremony. If you choose the hacksaw, use a vise as well. If you choose a hammer and chisel, you can position the geode on a bed of modeling clay, or on a wet washcloth.

Be prepared for some effort. The geode may take several hard whacks to open. Just one person should hold both hammer and chisel to reduce the risk of an accident.

If you aren’t handy with tools, you can wrap your geode in a cloth and smash it with a hammer instead of trying to split it neatly. It will still take several hard whacks with a good-sized hammer.

The geode may break into several pieces, but the effect is the same. You release magickal energy and behold the long-hidden beauty of the crystals.

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