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The Magic of Food

The importance of food in our lives is undeniable, but it is more than simply nutritional sustenance.   Food has the ability to instill and conjure fond memories, to bring comfort and healing and to even lift our moods when we're feeling down.  This amazing impact is not imaginary by any means.  The proteins, carbohydrates and amino acids that we consume literally become the building blocks of our physical body, while some foods like chocolate have an amazing positive effect on our emotions.

Without food, there is no life.  Our ancestors knew the importance of staple items to the degree that major crop grains were often a central focus of religious ceremony.  Rituals have been performed for centuries to petition the powers of nature for successful plantings and harvests.  The best foods were even set aside to be shared as a sacrifice to the gods in appreciation for divine assistance in the food's production.

Although our civilization has advanced in many ways, we have lost something important by turning over the production of our foods to assembly lines and machinery.  There is an added, magical quality that ennobles food when it is prepared with love, focus and intention.  In this Kitchen Witchery section, you'll discover not only delicious recipes, but also accompanying rituals that enable you to empower foods to improve your life and the lives of those around you.

Cooking With Intention

Since ancient times, certain foods have been associated with physical and psychological effects on the human body.  Rosemary, for example, is considered essential in many love spells, while lemons are known for their cleansing or purification qualities.

 Kitchen witchery utilizes the innate "Earth energies" within foods and then amplifies them with the "personal energy" we create with our minds with intention and visualization. The two energies blend together at the point where we handle, chop, stir, blend, heat and otherwise transform the ingredients into the final dish.  Without our intention and visualization, the food alone cannot reach its full potential. 

Fresh, natural ingredients possess the highest positive energies.  If foods are obtained locally they will have the added benefit of being in sync with the environment of the practitioner.  Foods that have lost their freshness and have begun to spoil have negative energy and can be harmful to the human body.  Foods that contain artificial ingredients or those that are wholly synthetic may be void of any energy or may have unpredictable side effects.  For these reasons, we choose the freshest, purest ingredients that can be found and use locally grown foods whenever possible.

Maximize Personal Power

The old adage "you are what you eat" is profoundly true.  Maximizing our body's potential starts with eating foods that give us vitality and avoiding those that attach our well-being. We have more choices today than ever before, and it's very easy to fall into the salty-sweet-fat-trap after being lured by advertising and betrayed by our own body's cravings!  We're going to show you how to satisfy your cravings without compromising your health in the process.

Determining the Magical Potential of Recipes

Recipes presented here are categorized not only by their culinary taxonomy, but also by the inherent magical overtones created by their major ingredients.  Our Spell-Checkerô is also an ingredient analyzer that allows you to examine your own recipes and find out what hidden potential they may have.

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