Leyla Small-Howard is a practitioner of Holistic and Natural forms of medicine.  She guides patients to find healing and rehabilitation for their body as well as their mind. 

Her methodology helps a patient's mind, body and spirit to merge and enables them to find fulfillment, happiness and comfort.

Leyla practices gentle, empathetic treatment with a "total self" approach to healing, culminating in sustained high recovery success.

Leyla's Spellbound  shop offers the following services:

  • tarot readings
  • past life regressions
  • spiritual cleansing
  • teaching
  • help with hauntings or spirits,
  • co-existing with the supernatural
  • assistance with investigations

as well as providing an assortment of
spells, incense, crystals, herbs, oils and candles for your rituals and ceremonies.

She will soon be answering your questions and offering advice as a regular feature here on Modern Witch.

In the meantime, please click here to send Leyla your questions.

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