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Mend a Broken Heart

You cannot force someone to love you.  You can only open your heart to allowing someone to love you.  If you have had a broken heart from a lover take the following steps. 

Step 1: Preparation

On or about the next New Moon* find a quiet place to perform this banishing ritual where you are not likely to be disturbed.  (Keep in mind that "banishing" in this sense refers to the anguish of heartbreak, not banishing another person.) Gather the materials listed below and place them in an open area on a table or desk where a lit candle will not be of any danger.


Step 2: Materials

  • white candle
  • every item ever given to you by your heart-breaker
  • cardboard box large enough to contain items above
  • black permanent marker
  • white or black wrapping paper
  • scotch tape

Step 3: Procedure

Collect everything ever given to you by this person.  This includes gifts, food, coffee cups, photos,  anything in your home that was brought in by this person.  It doesn’t matter if it was expensive or trivial, place it in a cardboard box.  Write the name of the person on the box.  Light a white candle on the box, close your eyes and say:

“Thank you for these gifts, but I return them to you.” 

Blow out the candle, wrap the box in white paper (or black paper if the person is more prone to thinking black as the symbol of something being over) and then get the box far away from yourself.  If you are not ready to give the box to charity, entrust it to a good friend to hold it for you. 

NEVER re-open the box! 

Step 4: Resolution

Following this ritual, one of two things will happen but either way, your heart will mend. 
  1. You will realize that this person was not right for you and you will find a new person to love,
  2. The person who broke your heart will re-enter your life in a kinder, gentler way, either as a friend or as a person who has realized the mistake they made.

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