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Spell for Finding Your Spirit Guide

We are all on a spiritual quest and hungry for wisdom and some of us are seeking a spirit guide to assist us in our endeavor.  The essence of wisdom weaves itself into the tapestry of this physical world and really does manifest itself, but not in the way many people think.  First of all, if you encounter a person claiming to be your guide and demanding obedience, run the other way!  A guide is just that... a guide, not a master or dictator.  Your true guide settles into the people and circumstances all around you and waits for you to understand your lessons.  Obviously, you will get the most from these lessons if you're aware you're being taught at the time!  So how do we get in tune with our spirit guide and make the most out of this cosmic education?

Step 1: Preparation

The old Zen proverb says: "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  If you desire the wisdom of the universe, you must first respect your guide by becoming a willing student.  You must admit ignorance and inexperience.  Like a young plant, a good student is green and flexible.  Arrogant people who think they know everything are more like ripe fruit -- the only thing left in their future is to be eaten or just rot!  Arrogance is offensive to teachers, so the first step is to be a student; Admit your ignorance; Be open to lessons from any source and willing to learn. 

Next, you must be ready for lessons at any time from any source. Understand that there are no accidents in this world.  Everything happens for a purpose.  If you know this secret, you'll find that every wrong turn can be a new adventure!  Unlike conventional school, spiritual education has no starting or ending bell.  Class is in session ALWAYS.

Finally, we are ready to watch for our teacher to appear.  Remember that a spirit guide can take on any form and bend circumstances to suite the lesson you need to learn.  That means a parent, friend, co-worker or a complete stranger may be the source of your next lesson.  Sometimes you are simply put into a situation that tests your ability to handle it.  Very often, we don't realize we've had a lesson until we've blown it.  Don't worry, your spirit guide has a good sense of humor and infinite patience.  You'll get another chance.

Step 2: Materials

Each one of us is born under the sign of a particular element and cosmic influence.  If you've already filled in your full name and birthday information, just click on My Profile in the top right corner of any page, and then to the WHO AM I? tab.  On the right-hand side at the very bottom, you'll see a symbol for your personal source of energy.  (If you haven't already done so, check your energy source now and then return to this page to continue)

The five energies are derived from the ancient Chinese Wu Hsing, which is literally the study of the flow of energy. 

  • Fire controls Metal
    think of a blacksmith's red hot furnace

  • Metal controls Wood
    imagine a carpenter's plane, saw and chisel

  • Wood controls Earth
    consider the roots of a mighty tree heaving up the soil

  • Earth controls Water
    picture the banks along a river

  • Water controls Fire
    and that's why fire hoses carry it to a blaze

As you can see, they are all interrelated and flow in a cycle.  Now think about your personal energy and understand what you control and what has influence over you.

The energy that has influence over you represents your teacher.  Seek out a symbolic icon to represent this influential energy.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Fire - a candle or an oil lamp
  • Metal - a handful of large iron nails, a cast iron object or a handful of coins
  • Wood - a heavy block of wood, a fallen branch of a tree or any solid wooden object
  • Earth - a nice sized rock, a handful of gravel, sand, soil or salt
  • Water - a small bowl of water

Step 3: Procedure

Put your materials on a desk or a small table in a room where you are not likely to be disturbed. Sit comfortably nearby, where you are able to extend your hands over the symbolic icon you have chosen.  (If your icon is fire, use extra caution not to get too close!)  Close your eyes and invite the power of the Universe to flow into this icon and to open a channel of communication to your Spirit Guide.

Try to relax. Clear your mind of everything but the objects before you. Focus on them. Nothing else exists.  Feel the energy radiating from your symbolic icon and tingling your fingertips. Then slowly, and reverently make your request...

I do not know the sacred places of my ancestors,
or the ways of the Spirit of my grandmothers.
I come here seeking guidance...

With your eyes closed, move the presence of your mind away from your physical surroundings and let it return to a place where you always feel safe, peaceful and content. You can see all around you and hear the sounds of this place.

Do not feel disappointed if you don't see or hear anything with your first attempt.  Every time you perform this ritual, more will be revealed if you suppress your desire to control the outcome and instead become an open, humble and willing student.

In any case, even if you cannot sense your Spirit Guide yet, your presence, thoughts and words are felt and heard.  Use this opportunity to ask your Guide to manifest lessons in your daily life...

Thank you for hearing my words
and for accepting me as your humble student.
I seek your presence in the daily lessons of my life.
Teach me to recognize your wisdom in the
unknowing faces of everyone I encounter.

Now slowly bring your awareness back to the room where you are seated.   Open your eyes and focus on your symbolic icon.  It is now a sacred object of your spiritual quest.  If you don't already have one, get a small box or bag to serve as a container for this and other sacred objects.

Your request has been made.  It is now up to you to look for the teachings of your Spirit Guide in your daily life.  Very often, you will not recognize a lesson until it has passed and you failed the test given to you.  Don't worry about that.  You will get an opportunity to try again some day -- mistakes are part of learning!  

Spirit Guides are joyful and forgiving and reward students who admit when they make errors.  If this happens to you, take a moment to go to your symbolic icon, give it a light touch and think with a smile "good one!  you got me. I blew it."  and especially... "Thank you for being patient with me."

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