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Spell for Attracting Love

True love comes in all shapes and sizes and not necessarily the way we might imagine. This simple spell helps us to radiate and attract the qualities that best match our own.

Step 1: Preparation

On or about the next Full Moon* find a quiet place to perform this ritual where you are not likely to be disturbed.  Gather the materials listed below and place them in an open area on a table or desk where a lit candle will not be of any danger.


Step 2: Materials

  • lavender-scented candle
  • small piece of paper and pen
  • pink or red container (heart-shaped if possible)
  • two small stones

Step 3: Procedure

Sit alone in a quiet room with a lavender scented candle lit.  Using a small piece of paper  write down a list of the qualities of the person you perceive as your soul  mate.  Do not do this with any one person inClick Here to View Full Size mind, simply write a description of the type of person you could see yourself falling in love with.  For example:  honest, tall, spiritual, sports lover, funny, motorcycle rider... Whatever pops into your mind. 

Once you have completed the list fold it up to its smallest size possible and place in a heart shaped pink or red container.  If you do not have heart shaped container any pink or red container will do.  A cup, a vase, a bowl, anything. 

Place the two small stones (representing you and this other person) on top of the note.

Blow out the candle, letting the smoke carry your intention off to the Universe.

Take your container, note and stones to the southeast corner of your bedroom, and set it there until the next New Moon**.

Do not go back and change the note or check on the note, leave it alone.  Once this is done, do not fixate on hearing from anyone person, become aware of new people that you meet.  If you meet someone that you are attracted to and you start dating, go back and check your list.  You will be amazed how close your new love matches the qualities you listed!

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